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Credentials and Achievements

Alan Porter currently authors Financial Articles for three magazines, speaks at numerous functions across the United States, and at WEST POINT, where he was selected as Outstanding Speaker for the Leadership Conference there and most recently spoke at the HARVARD FACULTY CLUB. He has co-authored two international best-selling books on Financial Leadership, and also co-authored three books on Tax Savings Strategies and Debt Elimination and just completed another book called WEALTH BEYOND TAXES. He was selected to Marquis WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA for Excellence in Financial Advice 2023. He also has a National Podcast. He is the regular Wealth Advisor on CNTV Consumer News Network and has been quoted or published in over 365 publications across America. He has been interviewed on ESPN radio, and has been seen in or on several notable news networks.


WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA for Financial Advice

Awarded August 2023

Selected for comprehensive planning, education, and implementation of processes to reduce and possibly eliminate both DEBT & TAXES, setting up TAX-FREE retirement plans, educating clients to become their own Financial Institution and borrow money from themselves and paying themselves back compounding interest for them and not the banks, eliminating the EFFECTIVE INTEREST COST on the money that they borrow, and eliminating many RISKS in retirement that a stock portfolio only compounds!

Certified Financial Fiduciary

NACFF - National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries

Not only a Fiduciary but a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL FIDUCIARY who has completed the qualifications to become Certified which is a step above a regular Fiduciary!

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